Christchurch is one town ideal for the use of electric bikes. The grades of the streets are modest, the distances considerable and the parking quite limited. All these add up to a recipe for electric bike usage that will save the riders heaps of money and provide a better commute experience in a town like Christchurch.

One question I am asked about Christchurch is about the rainy weather and whether that makes any form of bicycling ridiculous. I have a viewpoint on electric bikes in rain that you may consider when thinking about transportation options in Christchurch.

First is how much time do you spend in rainy weather? On an electric bike, usually the answer is minutes. So the riding experience in Christchurch is not long, and it is made shorter by being able to drive right to the door of your destination and right to the head of traffic. You may increase your work time by using an electric bike and thus have extra savings that you had not expected. You are getting wet in Christchurch by just getting in and out of your car and must wear rain gear for that as well. Our electric bikes have full fender and are weather-sealed so they can handle the rain, if you can. In short, you will arrive dry and quicker in many cases in a city like Christchurch.

Second is the benefits of the very light workout that you get while riding in Christchurch or any other place. While this cannot be calculated with accuracy, studies show that daily light workouts are immensely beneficial to your well being and physical health. Electric bikes give you this light, no sweat workout while transporting you in the most efficient way. Christchurch is ideal for the benefits of electric bikes to be enjoyed by you.

Last, let’s talk about convenience for carrying loads. Electric bikes in a city like Christchurch, make heaps of sense as you can take the load, (groceries , for instance) directly from the door of the market to your destination door. The panniers make it so easy that I hold to you that it is more convenient than your car in Christchurch.

Reap the rewards of electric bikes in Christchurch, and everyone wins.