Would you have to be nuts to make the bicycle your main means of transport in Wellington? I’m telling you how useful the electric bike is and even in a windy, rainy city like Wellington, you can get good service from these space age-equipped electric bicycles.

First of course are the things you won’t have to do, like paying bus fares and waiting for the Wellington bus schedule, not yours. Parking? Never again, you can breeze right up to your destination in Wellington and put down the double kickstand and with a key removal, your electric bike just keeps paying for itself.

It will not be just any electric bike, however, as the cheapies with the sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries are just too heavy to climb and be practical in a city with hills, like Wellington. In fact SLA batteries have given electric bikes a bad name because the only thing they have going for them is price. The ticket for Wellington would be a lithium battery of 10 amp.hr. or greater capacity geared to a planetary hub motor, like the Ezee brand electric bike unit. That will change your mind about the hills of Wellington.

Wellington is a tough sell for any kind of electric bicycle; steep hills and fluctuating weather. My point is that even in this most inhospitable bicycling environment, one can make the case for the electric bike. You won’t use it every day in Wellington, unless you are particularly hardy, but you could. Riding in rain up steepish slopes is quite practical for an electric bike, even in Wellington.

The rewards of a bit of exercise, your own schedule, freedom from parking fees and a carbon footprint that is more like a ‘carbon toeprint©’ are still there for an electric bike in Wellington.

If you can make the case for Wellington on electric bikes, you can make the case anywhere, and that really is my point.